by Jerry Vines

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I CAN'T KEEP A SECRET (13 of 36)
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 3:1-13

Janet and I have five grandchildren—four girls and one
boy. I don't talk about my family a whole lot in the
pulpit because I know you are as proud of your family
and I am of mine and you don't have the opportunity to
get up here like I do. So I try not to spend a lot of
time talking about family, but occasionally there are
some things that happen that kind of fit into what you
want to say.

Jay is six-years-old now. Like most six-year-olds, he
has a vivid imagination. One time when you are
visiting (they live in East Tennessee) he is a Roman
soldier—all decked out in the uniform of a Roman
soldier. That was their Vacation Bible School this
summer. The next time you go there, he's a pirate. He
has his pirate outfit on and runs you all over the
house with his sword. Right now he's a cowboy with his
hat and boots and the whole works. Who knows what he
will be the next time.

The last time we were visiting he asked me if I wanted
to go out and see the secret hide-a-way. I can't tell
you where it is. It's a secret. I said I would, so we
went out to the secret hide-a-way. He said, "This is
where our secret club meets, but I can't tell you the
name of the club, it's a secret." Then he told me the
people who were in the club. But I can't tell you who
they are, it's a secret. He said, "Would you like to
be in the club?" I said, "Oh, I really would." In
order to be in the club I had to know the secret
password. He gave me the secret password, but I can't
pass it on to you because it's a secret.

I try real hard to keep secrets, but to be perfectly
honest with you, I'm not real good at keeping secrets.
I have a tendency to tell secrets. So if you tell me a
secret, do it at your own risk. I might not can resist
the temptation to tell it.

God had some secrets. We found that out last week. In
Deut. 29:29 the Bible say ...

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