by Jerry Vines

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Dark Ruler (32 of 36)
Defeating the Dark Side (1 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Eph. 6:10-11

We're having a good time in the book of Ephesians. At
least I'm having a good time. I started in our study
in Ephesians on Wednesday nights and when we came to
some special areas I moved it to the Sunday evening
service and we are looking at the 6th chapter.

We are doing a little mini series, within our studies
of Ephesians, which I am calling Defeating the Dark
Side. We are thinking this evening about Dark Ruler.

What a marvelous book this book of Ephesians is. We
have been reading along in a rather interesting,
practical, down-to-earth section which has to do with
the ideal family. We have run across some verses of
Scripture that told us what a family is intended to
be. It is to be a Christian family and it is to be a
family where the Holy Spirit of God is in control.

So we have been enjoying these practical, down-to-
earth verses that have to do with the ideal Christian,
Spirit-filled family. Then all of a sudden, we find
ourselves in a different atmosphere. We find
ourselves right in the middle of a war. We hear the
flashing of the gun fire. We hear the booming of the
cannons. We hear the cracking of the thunder. We
hear the rolling of the machinery as we find ourselves
in the middle of a clashing of the swords. There is a
battle right here in these verses of Scripture. We
have moved all the way from the ideal family to the
real fight.

The Bible teaches us that there is a war going on.
There is a struggle going on. It is a battle and
according to the Bible, the Bible teaches that
believers are at the very center of this struggle that
is going on.

We know that this battle is a battle that is going on
in the seen world, but it is also a battle going on in
the unseen world. If you do not understand this as a
Christian, then you will not understand many of the
things ...

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