by Jerry Vines

I Kings 17:1
Jerry Vines

I would like for us to eavesdrop on an imaginary
conversation that may well have taken place in the
palace of the king of Samaria. Ahab, the vile human
toad who sat upon the throne of Israel, has come down
that morning for breakfast. He looks across the
breakfast table and he see that his wife, Jezebel has
her war paint on. She says to him, "Ahab, I have
something to say to you." He can tell by the tone of
her voice that there is trouble ahead. He says, "What
is it, my dear?" She said, "Ahab, I have come to tell
you that your God is dead. My Lord, Baal lives, but
your God is dead. Thousands are worshipers of Baal.
Eight hundred and fifty of his prophets eat their
meals at our table. My God is alive, but, Ahab, your
God is dead."

About that moment there is a commotion at the gate and
a man strides by the guards and walks right into the
breakfast of the king and the queen. He is a muscular
man with fiery eyes. He has a fearless countenance
and he is known in the Bible as Elijah. We don't know
a great deal about Elijah. We are told in this first
verse that he was from Gilead. We know the Bible says
there is a balm in Giliad. But this man Elijah is
"the bomb" from Giliad. His voice is like a clap of
thunder. He says to them, "My God is alive." He
says, God is not in some coffin corner of this
universe. He lives. My God is alive and there will
be no rain unless I give the word and my God sends
that rain."

So as suddenly as he came, he walks out again, but the
words are ringing in their ears and burning in their
heart that God is very, very much alive!

In the early years of my ministry there was a
professor at the Emery University in Atlanta, Georgia,
named Thomas Alheiser. He announced that God is dead.
The God is dead movement was born in this country.
There were a lot of people who bought into it and they
believed ...

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