by Jerry Vines

Behold The Dreamer Cometh!
Jerry Vines
Genesis 37:15-19

One of my favorite characters in all of the Bible is the man named Joseph. In many ways Joseph was the most Christ-like man in all of the Old Testament. I was surprised to notice a number of years ago that 14 entire chapters of the book of Genesis are devoted to the life of this man Joseph. That is remarkable when you remember that the opening two chapter of Genesis have to do with the creation of the universe. Genesis begins by saying ‘‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’’ Then it tells us about all of the creation of the universe. Then it comes to the stars and in marvelous economy of language the Scriptures says ‘‘he made the stars also.’’ Think about the innumerable stars and yet scripture just puts it in five simple words.

In 1920 Astronomers estimated there were 300 billion stars in our universe. I gave you a statement last Sunday night from an astronomer named sir James Jeans, who estimated that there are more stars in our universe than all of the grains of sand on all of the seashores on the earth. Yet the Holy Spirit, God in His Bible, takes all of these stars, these billions and billions of stars and says in five words-’’He made the stars also.’’

When we come to the life of this young man named Joseph the Bible gives us ¼ of the first book about the life of this man Joseph. Why do you think this is? I think I know the reason why. I think the reason we find that creation is in just a few words and yet the life of Joseph is in so many chapters is because God is far more interested in shaping saints than He is in shaping stars. God is more interested in the Bible and the message of regeneration than He is in the subject of generation. So when we read the life of Joseph we see what God can do in the life of a young man.

The brothers of Joseph make a statement about him in verse 19 which I think in many ways summarizes the life of Joseph. When they saw their brother ...

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