by Jerry Vines

Colossians 1:15-20
Jerry Vines

Some months ago I saw in a bookstore a book with a
very interesting title. The title was, "One Jesus,
Many Christs." When I looked at that title I thought
to myself, "That is a pretty good statement of the
religious atmosphere in America today. The atmosphere
of America, religiously, today is that there was one
Jesus Christ. One historical person named Jesus
Christ, but He was just one among many. There are
many Christs. There are many Messiahs. Jesus, to the
modern religious view is not the only one, Jesus
Christ is just one among many. It is the view that
all religions are equally true and all religions are
equally valid. If you believe that the Lord Jesus
Christ is the savior and that works for you—that's
fine. But if someone else believes that Ronald
McDonald is the Savior and that works for them—that's
fine. Jesus is not the one and only. Jesus is just
one among many.

I have described this atmosphere as a super market
religion. It is the idea that says, when you go into
a super market and you are looking for soap, you go to
a section and you see many shelves and there are all
brands of soap on the shelf. All of those brands of
soap will get you clean. It really doesn't matter
which brand you select. This is why Christians today
are accused of being bigoted and intolerant. Imagine
that you walk into that super market and say to them,
"I have a brand of soap here called UltraSoap and it
will get you clean." They say, "Oh, that's great. We
have a lot of soaps that will get you clean, just put
UltraSoap up there with the rest of them." Then you
say to them, "But there's something else you need to
know about this soap. UltraSoap will not only get you
clean, it's the only one that will get you clean."
That's when Christianity gets in trouble in the
current religious atmosphere.

If you believe that Jes ...

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