by Jerry Vines

Calvary's Greatest Miracle
Jerry Vines
Matthew 27:45-54

What was the greatest miracle which occurred when Jesus died on the cross? You will notice in the 33rd verse of Matthew 27 that Matthew calls the place where Jesus was crucified Golgotha. That is the Hebrew word for it. Luke uses the Latin word Calvary. Both of the words mean the same thing-a place of a skull. Golgotha-Calvary-the place of a skull.

Most people believe the reason why it is called the place of a skull is that crucifixions were carried out on a hill that was shaped in the form of a skull. The Bible never says that the cross was on a hill, but we tend to believe that this was true. Whether that be true or not geographically, we do know that spiritually and theologically the place where Jesus Christ died was the highest hill of humanity. It was there where heaven and earth combined and it was there that Christ became the sacrifice for our sins.

The day Jesus died on the cross was like no other day in the history of the world or any day that will ever be in the future. It was a unique day. The death Jesus died on the cross was a unique death. Never before has the world witnessed such a death and never again will it witness such a death. For when Jesus died, that day at Calvary, He who knew no sin was being made sin for you and for me.

So, on that day and at that death, it's as if the heavenly father wanted to call attention to the uniqueness of the day and the death. So, when Jesus died on the place called a skull, the Bible says there were several miracles which occurred. It's as if all nature is now in sympathy with Jesus dying on that cross. It's as if the heavenly father, by these miracles, is pointing to the cross and saying, ''Pay attention to what takes place here, because here you will understand my heart and here you will understand why preachers preach about the cross and why there is salvation in the cross.'' We sing the song ''I must needs go home by the way of the cross ...

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