by William Wyne

The Cross: Love So Amazing
Reverend William J. Wyne
Romans 5:6-8

A young man had spent a great deal of time and study in worshipping and learning about another religion, one that worshipped an idol god. He relatively grew up in that culture and tradition. However, he became friends with a Christian missionary who was ministering in that part of the country in a Christian School. The two became friends even though one was a Christian and the other was an idol worshipper.

One day, the friend stopped by the Christian school and listened to the teaching that his friend was doing. After the class was over, they were on their way to eat a bite; he said to the Christian, you know I have always been impressed and intrigued about your Christ. I like the stories that I have heard about him, I like the precepts that I have read about him, but it's just too hard for me to believe in him.

He then said, you see, I cannot see your God.

When I go to my Temple I see the statues of my god, I even have some of his images in my residence, I cannot see your God, but I see my god. And that makes it easier for me to believe, to talk, and to bow to my god.

I have noticed how excited many of you get when you speak about him, I know how fervent you guys are in worshipping him, but again I cannot see your God.

The Christian said, may I ask you a question? Does your god bleed? The friend looked shocked and puzzled by that question. And before he could answer, his friend said, listen, the next time you go to your Temple, or the next time you see an image of your god, take a pin out and prick or punctured your god, and let me know if he bleeds.

The friend said, no, my god will not bleed, and the puncture will only scratch the statues.

The Christian said that is where we are different! My God bled for me! And he bled enough that you can be covered by that blood. He did not just bleed enough that I may believe, he bled enough that all who confess him as Lord and Savi ...

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