by Jerry Vines

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The Mother Of Jesus (3 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 1:14
Mothers' Day, 2000

I spoke to you last Sunday morning on this
passage of Scripture about the disciples being in the
upper room. In the 14th verse it tells about those
who were in that upper room with the apostles. There
is a particular individual I want to highlight for

This is Mother's Day. It is always a very, very
special day. One of the first things I did this
morning was to get on the telephone and call my dear
mother up in Georgia and wish her a happy Mother's
Day. I have been told that on Mother's Day there are
more telephone calls made in this country than any
other single day of the year. I think that is
probably the case because every child who is away
wants to be very, very sure to put a call to momma and
tell momma how much you really love her and how much
she means to you.

Napoleon said, "The future destiny of a child is
the work of a mother." Maybe a more familiar
quotation is from Abraham Lincoln who said, "No man is
poor who has a godly mother."

There are a number of interesting articles
relative to motherhood this morning in your paper. I
would encourage you to read them this afternoon some
time. One of them I really enjoyed a lot was on the
sport's page. It was an article about Jimmy Smith,
the wide receive for the Jaguars. His mother is named
Etta. The article was telling about the first time he
ever caught a touchdown pass. He was 11 years old and
he did about a ten-yard wide out, caught the ball, and
then streaked toward the end zone. He said he saw a
blur going by him and he glanced over and his momma,
Etta, had come down out of the stands. She caught him
on the 50 yard line, she outran him to the end zone
shouting, "Run, baby, run." Only a mother.

We are all grateful and thankful for our mothers.
I have chosen this morning a mother in the Bible who
is very spe ...

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