by Jerry Vines

Following the Plan
Jerry Vines
Romans 12:1-2

The will of God. Whatever you do, it always helps to have a plan. If you are going to build a business, one of the first things you need to do is to get together a business plan. In this plan you lay out your strategy you intend to follow. You find that plan and then you follow that plan if you want to be a success in that particular business.

A coach has a game plan. In fact, they get very intricate with that. They have all of the plays laid out. They know exactly where they are going. They know what the offense is going to do. What the defense is going to do. A large degree of success by an athletic team can be determined by the coach's game plan.

So, whatever you do in life, whatever realm of life you may be in, it always helps to have a plan. God has a wonderful plan for you life. That plan is revealed in what we call the will of God. I have placed emphasis on that last statement in verse 2. ''The will of God''. When you see that phrase in the Bible it is talking about God's plan. God's purpose. God's plan. What God has intended for you. The very greatest life you could ever live is a life lived according to the plan of God. If you can find the plan of God, His will, and if you will follow God's plan, His will in your life, then indeed you will have a successful life.

We are very interested in success today. We are a success-oriented society. Some people think that if they can ever get to the point that they can be the CEO of a successful company they will have arrived. Others view success as having financial success. If they can get to the point where they are independently wealthy, if they have all of the money they ever desire, if they are a financial success, then they are a successful person. Or if you can excel in your particular field of endeavor. If you can be THE best or one of the best of all of the people in that field, then you're going to be a success.

But what we normally guard as suc ...

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