by Jerry Vines

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Enter Hitler (3 of 8)
Jerry Vines
Esther 3

The situation in which we find ourselves at the close of Esther 2 and moving into Esther 3, is not unlike the situation in Germany before WW II. Germany was the country of Martin Luther. It was also the country of the Protestant reformation. It was there in Germany that Martin Luther called the church back to the Bible and to the great truth of justification by faith in God. In the nation of Germany, God did a remarkable reformation work, and brought the people of God back to His Word again.

Shortly before WWII, something happened in the nation of Germany. A virus began to spread. It was far more ominous and more serious than the recent ''love bug'' virus. It was a virus that began to eat away at the very heart of the spiritual life of the people of Germany. That old virus is what I call Liberalism. It is the view that there is no such thing as the supernatural. The view that Jesus Christ is not divine and the view that the Bible is just a book inspired only to the degree that other great works of literature are inspired.

That old virus began to eat away at the faith of the German people. That old virus began to lay its hold and to get its grip upon the minds and the hearts of the people of Germany. So, they turned their backs on the Lord and ignored Jesus Christ. They lost their faith in the Bible and refused to go to the Word of God as their final authority. So standing in the corner, standing in the wings, there was a man-enter Hitler.

It was not unlike that in the days of Esther. Esther is now the queen. She has been installed as the queen as the result of a search that has gone on in the second chapter. She is now the queen to this King Ahasuerus. When we came to the close of chapter 2 we are told about a plot that had been made against the life of a king and Mordecai had uncovered that plot. So, Mordecai told Esther, Esther told the king, and told him that it was Mordecai that had uncovered it. The kin ...

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