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Who Wants to Marry a King? (2 of 8)
Jerry Vines
Esther 2

It is now in the second chapter that the heroine of our book walks on the stage. She enters into the narrative here and God begins to move in a very special way in her life. God has been preparing her. God has been getting her ready. She is brought up as an orphan girl in the home of this man named Mordecai. God was preparing her. God had a work for her to do.

Somehow God has a way of doing that, doesn't he? He has a work for people to do and then he begins to prepare them. He begins to arrange the circumstances of their lives and moves behind the scenes to get them where they ought to be in the situation so god can use them.

I think about Joseph. Who would have thought that a boy who was in prison would one day become the prime minister of all of the land of Egypt. But God was using Joseph and preparing him through that prison experience.

I think about Daniel. Daniel, who became an administrator in a pagan empire. Who would have believed that in that circumstance this young man named Daniel would be used. God was getting him ready. God was preparing him so that when his time came he could step on the scene and be a hero for God.

You never know what God is doing in your life. I will assure you that wherever you are and whatever the circumstances of your life, God is preparing you and getting you ready for something he has in plan, something He wants to do in your heart and in your life.

Esther is one of the great heroines in the Bible. Esther is one who was a godly young lady who is placed in a difficult circumstance and yet she allowed God to use her and to work through her life to bring a great deliverance to the people of Israel. She takes her place with the great women of the Bible. She's right along there with Ruth and Mary and Jochebed and Hannah. She is down in sacred history as one of the great women of God in all of the Bible.

When I read that I thought about all of the godly ...

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