by Jerry Vines

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Esther 1
Jerry Vines

We are going to take a little journey in one of
the most unusual books in all the Bible. I have
taught the book of Esther in a survey fashion, but I
have never just gone chapter by chapter through a
study. I have titled this series of messages "The
Queen and I." I want you to have all God has for you
in these marvelous chapters of the book of Esther.
This is really kind of dedicated to our women, the
ladies in our church fellowship and our women's
ministry and all you wonderful ladies who serve in so
many ways in various capacities and facets and areas
of our church.

There are about three different ways of looking at how
human affairs flow, how they operate in the world.
There is first of all what I call the chaotic view.
This is the view that there is no rhyme or reason for
anything that happens in the universe. That everything
is the result of chance of simply luck. I call it the
casino view, the gambling casino view of history. It
is chaotic—no purpose or plan to anything.

The second view I call the fatalistic view. This is
the view that all things are predetermined and fixed.
That everything works by some divine operation that
nobody has anything to do with. Therefore it is all
predetermined. All you can do is just grin and bear
whatever may come in life. This views life like it
is a predictable machine. The fatalistic view of

But there's another view which those of us who know
Christ as Savior would call the theistic view. That
is the view that God is in charge. There is a God who
is in this universe. He has created this universe.
He is greatly interested in the universe and that
everything in this world operates under the umbrella
of divine providence of God.

I would like for you to write down the word
providence. I'm going to talk a lot about providence
in this message. This is one of the three words whi ...

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