by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 15:1-8
Jerry Vines

This is my favorite passage about the
resurrection of Jesus because it ties everything
together in about 8 verses.

I'm going to take a little bit different approach
because I'm going to give you a special report from
JNN—the Jerusalem News Network. I'm going to take you
live to a scene at the Garden Tomb.

We do not know exactly where the Lord Jesus
Christ was born, although I must confess to you that I
have always leaned toward the tomb near Gordon's
Calvary. Right outside of the city of Jerusalem there
is a skull-shaped hill. It looks like a skull and I
have always been comfortable in the thought that
Gordon's Calvary was the place where the Lord Jesus
Christ died on the cross for our sins. Very near to
that hill there is a beautiful garden. Those of you
who have ever gone to the holy land have probably been
taken to Gordon's Calvary Garden. It is located
outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem.

The mention of the city of Jerusalem always gets
my blood moving fast. I love the city of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem—the golden city. Jerusalem—which I think is
the most exciting city in all of the world.

Jerusalem is constantly in the new. Just a few
days ago the pope made a visit there and a great deal
of activity revolved around that visit. Also, we know
that Barach is in conversation and is in negotiation
with the Palestians about them annexing some of the
suburbs of Jerusalem so that they can have a capitol
for their Palestian state. At any moment things can
go to pieces in Jerusalem. At any moment it can
become a firestorm and a powder keg.

God says in Zechariah 3:12, "I will make
Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people". We
certainly know that this is true.

This morning I hold in my hand two objects. I
hold, first of all, a television remote control. I
hold in this hand a copy of the ...

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