by Jerry Vines

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GOD'S BUILDING (10 of 36)
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 2:19-22

These verses are some of the most interesting,
the most helpful, and I think you'll find some of the
most exciting verses in the entire study of the book
of Ephesians. I want to be as deliberate as I
possibly can, as there are several areas of truth here
that I want to address. I think it's important for us
to understand some of the matters in discussion in
these verses of Scripture, in light of a lot of what
you hear today.

In the Old Testament there were two buildings
where God chose to dwell. There was the building in
the desert—a temporary building known as the
Tabernacle. God came and dwelt there among His
people. There was a more permanent build, the Temple,
that was constructed in the city of Jerusalem and
there God chose to dwell and to manifest His presence
among the people. In the New Testament the Bible
tells us that God also has a building. There is a
place where God dwells and that will be the subject we
are talking about tonight—God's building—where God
dwells on the earth today.

When I look at these verses in the 2nd chapter of
the book of Ephesians, they are all about the
difference Jesus makes in your life. We can sing that
song, What a Difference You've Made in my Life" about
the Lord Jesus Christ. What a difference Jesus makes
in our lives. You have two contrasts in this chapter.
In the opening ten verses you have a contrast between
"in times past" in verse 2, and in verse 4 "but God".
What you used to be and what you are now. In times
past what you were when you were lost. But God—what
you are now because of your salvation through the Lord
Jesus Christ. What a difference Jesus makes in your
life—your past and your present.

Then in verses 11 right on down to the end of the
chapter he gives another contrast. In verse 11 he
says "in time past" and in verse 13 he says "but n ...

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