O WHAT A DAY (4 OF 33)

by Jerry Vines

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O What a Day (4 of 33)
Series: PowerBook
Jerry Vines
Acts 2:1-41

We are surveying some of the opening chapters of the book of Acts in the series I’m calling Power2000. I want you to look at this second chapter. I’m going to try to give you the essence of the first 41 verses. So I have a lot of work to do. You pray for me and you listen real fast.

December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor is bombed, a day in infamy. World War II began. O what a day! July 16, 1942. In the deserts of New Mexico, a roar rushed through the desert. A huge mushroom cloud lifted above the desert and on that day nuclear power began. O what a day! Bethlehem. A little girl, young maiden named Mary, gave birth to a boy baby. His name was Jesus. The Son of God was born. O what a day! Passover. A hill called Calvary. A man named Jesus dies on the cross and when He dies, He pays the price for the sins of the whole world. O what a day! Pentecost. Fifty days later. The Holy Spirit is poured out upon the church. The church is formed. You might call it the birthday of the church. The Son of God has gone up. Now the Spirit comes down. The saints are getting ready to go out. The day of Pentecost. O what a day! You hear a lot about Pentecost. It is a word that is used in many circumstances in our world today. An entire denomination of Christians have taken its name-Pentecostal. They take their name from what we find here in Acts 2:1-the day of Pentecost.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I started this series of studies I said to you that many Christians have been to Calvary for pardon, but they haven’t been to Pentecost for power. That’s what this day is all about. A number of years ago I heard another statement that’s been helpful to me. Bethlehem is God with us. Calvary is God for us. Pentecost is God in us.

On this day, this wonderful, marvelous, miraculous day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit of God came to indwell believers. The church was formed and spiritual power was made possible to live ...

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