by Jerry Vines

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THE POWER BOOK (1 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 1:1-12

A number of years ago I heard a statement which I
think is true. "All Christians have been to the cross
for pardon, but too many Christians have never been to
Pentecost for power." I think there are many
Christians today who have lost or failed to understand
the source of their power to live the Christian life
and to be witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Too
many Christians have a dynamite gospel and yet they
are living firecracker lives. Too many churches have
a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.
All Christians have been to Calvary. They are saved
and they have been forgiven, they have pardon for
their sins, but many Christians have not yet been to
Pentecost where they understand the teaching about
power to live the Christian life and to be a witness
for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The book of Acts could well be called the "power
book". The key to the entire book is in verse 8. "Ye
shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon
you". We are living in a time where people are very
interested in power. We hear a great deal today in
business circles about EMPOWERMENT. That is, workers
releasing within them the power which is theirs.
There is power in the financial realm. We read about
military power. We read about power in many circles
of life. But here is a book and here is a statement
that talks to us about the greatest power on the
earth. It is the power of God. The power to change
lives. The power to help people live the way they
want to live and the power to tell others about the
Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I want us to look at the opening verses of the book of
Acts and I think I'll probably go through the 8th
chapter. I'll just try to give to you the highlights
of the beginning of this power book.

The first thing I want you to think about is -

I. The PURPO ...

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