by Robert Dawson

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Servanthood (5 of 7)
Series: Ordering Our Days
Robert Dawson
Matthew 5:16

I remember dating Kristal - barely. It's not that our dating relationship was not memorable or special but it was just brief. There was not a lot of dating that took place. Most of our time was spent apart - she lived in Atlanta and I lived here in Valdosta. We went on our first date the very first weekend of November in 1995. By the end of January the following year, just three months later, I asked her to marry me - remarkably she said yes - I didn't even have a ring to give her.

As a matter of fact - we had a date set - if my memory serves me correctly - she had a dress before she had a ring. I didn't have the money for a nice ring. I did not want to give her a piece of glass in a gold setting. I wanted to give her something nice but I did not want to go the route of my newly married friends who had taken out loans - car like loans they paid on the first years of their marriage - so their brides could have a fancy ring. They tried to tell me it was an investment. I told them it was only an investment if they planned on getting rid of their wives and selling the ring - that's the only way you get your money back and I didn't think that was in the plans.

This ring thing was really, really stressing me out. It was weighing heavy on my mind - so heavy I started to crack and consider doing what my investment challenged friends did. Why? Why was it so important? Why so stressed? Because we were talking about the love of my life - remember I was late coming into this dating and relationship thing and was resigning myself to being single - I was just glad someone agreed to take me and I wanted to give her something of value and beauty to express my love and commitment for her (we'll save the rest of the story another day - it's a story of answered prayer and God's providential provision).

I think we should approach our relationship with God in much the same way.

1. I can't buy ...

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