by Jerry Vines

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The Unseen Hand (4 of 5)
Jerry Vines
Ezra 7-8

Between Ezra 6 and 7 there is about a sixty year period of time. It is the time for the passing of a generation. Sixty years and an old generation passes off the scene. There is now a new generation. Sometimes when generations pass, if you aren't careful, you will lose the spiritual heritage of one generation as you move to another. That which is precious to one generation of Christians, that which is spiritual reality to one generation of believers, if they aren't very careful it will become very easy and very nonchalant in the lives of their children. Then, by the time you get down to the grandchildren, all of the fervor and fire of spiritual reality will have been lost.

So from time to time it's necessary for us to have revival. It is necessary for us to kindle and stir the fires of faith again. You remember in the opening six chapters of the book of Ezra we have national restoration under a man named Zerrubbabel. But it is now time for spiritual reformation or revival. There is never going to be a revival to end all revivals. Some people think if we would just have one great revival that would solve all of our problems. But it is true because of the human heart and our tendency to coldness and indifference that periodically there be what we call times of refreshing from the Lord. So, in this time in the life of the people of God there needs to be a revival. There needs to be a rekindling of the fires of devotion.

So God has a man on the scene. God always has a man. The man in this particular instance is the man, Ezra in verse 1 and verse 6. For the first time Ezra takes the stage of this book of the Bible which bears his name. He is God's man for this time. He is a revivalist and he is a reformer. He is a priest also and God uses this man Ezra in a tremendous way. As best we know Ezra was indeed a priest and there are some things about which we have theories or some ideas. Some people believe that Ezra ...

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