by Jerry Vines

Dr. Jerry Vines
Romans 5:1 - 21

If you are getting ready to invest in a
retirement plan or if you are gong to buy an insurance
policy, one of the things the professional who is
working with you will do is to show you how that
particular plan or policy will meet specific and
particular needs in your life. All of us are a bundle
of needs. There is a hierarchy of needs. Some needs
are physical in nature. Others needs are emotional.
We have social needs as well. But the basic
fundamental need that all of us have are spiritual
needs. Down beneath all these other needs that are a
part of our daily lives, you and I have some needs
which are deeply spiritual.

The book of Romans is designed in such a way that
in the first three chapters we are told about our
great need for a Savior from sin. He establishes the
fact that all have sinned and come short of the glory
of God. As a consequence of sin, death is a reality
to every one of us. The reason the book of Romans
does this is having established the fact that our
basic needs is a Savior from sin, he now moves in
chapter 3 and following to talking about how that a
salvation experience with Jesus Christ meets these
daily needs of our lives.

Notice in chapter 5, verse 1 it says, "(therefore
being saved, therefore knowing Jesus) therefore being
justified by faith, we HAVE". He is talking about how
Jesus Christ can meet needs in our lives on a daily

There's no way I could begin to tell you all of
the needs that we have or how Jesus meets those needs.
If I preached a thousand sermons I couldn't tell it
all in those sermons. If I preached until my voice
was barely above a whisper I would not be able to
speak all the ways Jesus meets the deepest needs of
our lives. It is going to take eternity for you and
for me to fully understand all Jesus did for us when
He came into our hearts and beca ...

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