by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
I Kings 19

Do you ever get the blues? Just a little
mullygrubs? Down and out? Do you ever get that way?
I'm going to talk about that for a little while
tonight. I want to talk to you about what to do when
you're blue. I'm taking my study from I Kings 19. I
think all people, at some point or the other, come
down with a case of the blues. I'm not talking
necessarily about depression. Maybe I'm incorrect on
this, but maybe technically you could call it a form
of depression, but I'm making a distinction between
depression and a case of the blues. Just being down a

People have different personalities. I've seen
some people that I don't think I've ever seen them
down. I don't know if they ever get down. Jimmy
Tharin is one of them. Jimmy, if you've ever had a
down day in your life I've never seen it. Every time
I see Jimmy he's in the key of gee whiz, hallelujah.
Are you always up, Jimmy? Every time Jimmy comes in
here he has the victory and he's on top of the world.
But he just said to us that there are times when he is
down. That's pretty common.

Some great people in the world have suffered
blues and depression. One of the greatest leaders of
all time, Winston Churchill, constantly fought
depression. One of my favorite preachers, probably
quoted more than any other preacher, Charles Haddon
Spurgeon. He was a masterful preacher who could just
actually preach heaven down. At time he would get so
down himself he would have to go to bed. His deacons
would come trying to encourage his heart and lift his
spirits. They said the only thing that could ever
seem to get him out of it would be to share the
testimony of someone who had been led to Jesus. That
would bless his heart and he would come on out of it.

Then you read about some folks in the Bible who
had these kind of difficulties. John the Baptist. He

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