by Jerry Vines

Finding David
Jerry Vines
1 Samuel 16:1-13

Finding leaders for God's work is one of the most crucial enterprises in which we will ever engage. No congregation, no church, will ever rise higher than its leadership. Whatever the spiritual work may be, God gives leaders and those leaders have the responsibility to lead the people where God wants them to go. That's why it's a very important service when we have an ordination for those who have been called to the Gospel ministry. Also, when we have a service and we set aside those who have been called of God and chosen by the congregation to serve in the role of deacon.

God calls people to service. God calls people to salvation, of course. We are the called of the Lord. We have been called unto salvation. But God also calls us unto service. Paul said that he was an apostle called of God. There is a call. God calls us to places of service. We do not hire people to do the work of the Lord. I made mention of that last week. The article that was in the newspaper inadvertently talked in terms of churches hiring pastors. Jesus warned about shepherds who were hirelings. He said that when the wolf comes, those that are hirelings, just in it for the pay, run away. We don't hire people to preach. You can't hire me to preach the Gospel. God called me to preach the Gospel. I preach because He called me. You can't pay me to preach the Gospel. You can't pay me not to preach the Gospel. It's a calling that comes from God.

The question arises--how does a congregation of people go about finding and calling those who are called. How do we find those whom God has chosen. Well the opening chapter in the life of the man God had chosen to be the next king of Israel I think gives us some very important spiritual guidance in this direction. In the account of the life of David about his anointing and being set apart by God to be the king and leader of the people of the Lord, I think we have some very important and interesting trut ...

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