by Jerry Vines

Naming The Baby
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 9:6

When Jesus was born there was a name given to Him. The naming of a baby is a very, very happy time. It can also be a very meaningful time. In the Bible, names were given and the names had significance. They had meaning. Even today people give names to their children and they are aware of the significance and the meaning of those particular names. Names can be very important. They can set the tone for the life of the child. They can point the child in a certain direction. They can be an advantage or they can be a disadvantage to the child.

I read an article a number of years ago about juvenile delinquents. A study had been made pointing out the fact that if they had an unusual or odd kind of name, their chances were four times as likely they might get into trouble along the way. So the naming of a child is a very significant time.

When the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world we know that His name--Jesus--is probably the most familiar of all of the names but there were some other names that were given to our Lord Jesus Christ. In face someone has estimated that there are over 700 names and titles for the Lord Jesus given in all of the Bible.

Someone asked me one time why there were so many names and so many titles given to the Lord Jesus Christ. My reply to that is that there is no one name that can contain the Lord Jesus Christ. What one name can contain every thing that Jesus was intended to be and to do when He came into this world? In fact, when you open up your Old Testament you will find that the Old Testament is just absolutely filled with names and titles that would be given to the Lord Jesus. In Acts 10:43 it says about the prophets, "To him give all of the prophets witnesses that through faith in his name they might have everlasting life." All of the prophets wrote pointedly about the Lord Jesus, but I guess none wrote any more pointedly than did the Old Testament prophet Isaiah.

When you read the ...

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