by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Matthew 2:11-12

When Jesus was born, among those who came to visit Him
at His birth was a group known as the wise men. We normally talk
in terms of three wise men although the Bible nowhere tells us how
many there were. Because there were three gifts--gold,
frankincense, and myrrh, the number three has kinda lodged in the
minds of people. Of course the singing of the Christmas song, We
Three Kings of Orient Are, it's made us talk in terms of three. But
we really don't know how many there were. We do know that the
wise men were the scholars of their day. Their knowledge seems
primitive to us today, but it was on the cutting edge of the best
intellect in terms of history and sciences. They were the experts of
their time.

I like to look at it from this perspective that the wise men
allowed their intellect to lead them to the Lord Jesus. Sometimes
people get the idea that you have to sacrifice in order to become a
Christian. I personally believe that the most intelligent decision a
person will ever make is to receive Christ as their Savior. The most
intelligent thing you will ever do is to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

There's enough in the mystery of the virgin birth and in the
magnificence in the incarnation of the Lord when God became a
man in the form of human flesh to stir the intellect of any individual
and bring them on their knees in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, these wise men came and the Bible says that when they
came they brought gifts to the Lord. I suppose this is the origin of
the giving of Christmas gifts to one another at Christmas time.

You will notice in verse 11 it says that they presented gifts
unto him. They brought the gifts to Jesus. We give the gifts to one
another. I heard about a little boy who made out his Christmas list
for his dad. It was quite a long list. It started with a pair of roller
skates and th ...

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