by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Matthew 2:1-16

Almost 2000 years ago now, the wise men came to
Jerusalem and they asked the question, "Where is the
baby to be born?" You and I know the answer because
we know our Bible and we know Christmas. The answer
is that Jesus was going to be born in Bethlehem. Why,
of all places, was Jesus born in Bethlehem? It's just
a tiny little obscure village, about five miles south
of Jerusalem. Why would Jesus be born there? Only
about 10,000 population. Today, it is still a little
town. It does not have a great deal of significance
beyond the birth of the Lord Jesus. Why was Jesus
born in Bethlehem? Why was He not born in Jerusalem,
the center of religion in that day? Why wasn't He
born in Athens, the center of philosophy of the time?
Why wasn't He born in Rome, the center of politics?
Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?

The news was given to these wise men that He was
to be born there and that His birth was in connection
to an Old Testament Scripture which talks about
Bethlehem being the birth place of the Son of God.
When I remember that Bethlehem is prominently
mentioned in prophecy in the Old Testament, I also
remember some of the significant occasions when very
important matters took place in the little village of

I want to draw from Old Testament passages today
some of the experiences which took place there and
just lay upon your hearts the reason why the baby Lord
Jesus Christ was born in this place called Bethlehem.

Turn in your Bible to the book of Genesis,
chapter 35. I want to pull a piece out of the chapter
of the life of one of the Bible heroes whose name is
Jacob. In Genesis 35:16 it says, "and they journeyed
from Bethel, and there was but a little way to come to
Ephrath: and Rachel travailed, and she had hard labor.
And it came to pass when she was in hard labor, that
the midwife said unto her, Fear n ...

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