by Jerry Vines

Matthew 1:1-17
Jerry Vines

I'll read the first verse and the 17th verse. I
won't read the verses in between. I think you'll see

"The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the
son of David, the son of Abraham. So all the
generations from Abraham to David are fourteen
generations and from David until the carrying away
unto Babylon are fourteen generations. From the
carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen
generations" (verse 17 summarizes it).

When I have the opportunity to lead someone to
personal faith in the Lord, one of the first things I
encourage them to do is to begin a daily Bible reading
program. I encourage them to have a daily Bible
reading and a daily prayer time. When we read the
Bible God is talking to us. This is God's Word. When
we pray, through prayer, we are talking to God. It is
important for a new convert to begin to have communion
and communication with their heavenly Father. But as
I explain to them the importance of beginning to read
their Bibles, I encourage them to begin reading in
their New Testament. The Old Testament is a little
harder to understand and so for new converts the best
place to begin is in the New Testament. Then, having
recommended they begin in the New Testament in the
book of Matthew, I also have to give them a little
word of explanation about what they'll find in the
opening verses of the first chapter of the book of

If you will just scan down the page on the first
page of the New Testament, you will find that there is
a long list of names. You'll also find that the names
are not the normal names. They are not what you kids
are named. Not easy to pronounce. You'll also find
that as you read down through them you may not know a
whole lot about them and you might get rather bored
reading this rather long and uninteresting and
difficult to pronounce list of names.

I he ...

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