by Jerry Vines

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Revelation 20:14-15
Jerry Vines

The Bible is a book of blessings. It is also a book of
warnings. We do well to listen to the warnings of the Bible.
Recently I was on a plane going somewhere and as we were
getting ready to take off, the flight attendants came on and began to
give us a series of instructions and a series of warnings. She told
us about the importance of keeping our seat belts buckled together.
She talked in terms of where the exit signs were and where the exit
doors were. She talked about the fact that if the cabin
decompressed, there would be an oxygen mask that would come
out of the top and you were to put it on. She gave a series of
warnings and directions. As I looked around in the cabin of the
plane I made the discovery that no one was listening to her
warnings. I often wondered what would happen if she became a
little more emphatic about it. I wondered if she had taken a doll,
drenched it in gasoline, set it on fire, moved up and down the cabin
and said, "Now, listen to this, folks. Do you see this thing on fire?
If you don't pay attention to what I'm saying, this is what could
happen to you."

Well, probably she would lose her job. But she might indeed
be doing us a favor. We do well to listen to warnings. If you were
going over Matthews Bridge (as I mentioned last week) and I was
standing there at the bottom of the bridge and I became very
animated and very excited to the point that you stopped your car.
And I told you that the bridge was out and that you did not want to
go there because you would plunge into the St. Johns River and be
drown. You probably would not be real happy with me. You would
probably be a little unpleasant about the matter because you would
want to be alarmed and disturbed like that. But I might be doing
you a favor. If I was telling you the truth, and if the bridge was
really out, then the most dramatic and hel ...

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