by Jerry Vines

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The Last Judgment
Acts 17:31
Jerry Vines

God has appointed a which He will judge the world in

From the first time you ever sinned, from the first moment you ever
did anything you did not need to do, you should not do, you placed
yourself in a system that will lead to judgment and punishment.
There are two choices available to every human being who ever
sins. One choice is a free trial and the other choice is a free
pardon. The fact of judgment is written on the page of the moral
order of the universe. It is written in the order of the universe that
every sin ever committed on the earth will at some point, at one
day, be brought before God in judgment. If there could ever be one
sin committed that would not be judged and punished, then God
would not be a righteous God and His holiness would be violated.
So, judgment is written in the moral order of the universe.

Judgment is also written on the human heart. Somehow deep
down inside every human heart there is the awareness that there is
going to be out there in the future a day of judgment.

When I was a young preacher I used to hear a great preached
named R.G. Lee who the pastor of the church where Adrian Rogers
is pastor now in Memphis, Tennessee. I heard him preach a
sermon entitled Pay Day Some Day. In that sermon he used to talk
about a young girl named Tony Jo. She had lived a very wild life.
She had taken many chances with her life and finally her life came
to tragedy when committed murder. I can remember how R.G. Lee
used to describe Tony Jo as she was walking to the death
chamber. He used to show walking on the way to the death
chamber and he would be talking to her as she walked. Tony Jo
went into the death chamber. They put her into the electric chair
and then she said these for her last words, "Somehow I knew all
along God was running the show. I just thought I could steal one

Al ...

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