by Jerry Vines

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Revelation 20:1-3,7-10
Jerry Vines

Unless the Lord Jesus Christ returns, in 62 days we will conclude
the second millennium and begin the third millennium. Since the
birth of the Lord Jesus Christ there have been in general about
2,000 years of recorded history. We have had one millennium and
are now coming into the last days of this second millennium and
then we are facing the third millennium. The question arises--are
you and I living in the last millennium? The answer to that is--no.
The questions arises--is the third millennium going to be the last
millennium? The answer to that questions also is--no.

The word, millennium, means 1000 years. So, when you hear a
Bible teacher or preacher talk about millennium, always remember
that he is talking about a period of time of 1000 years. There is
going to be something rather interesting at the end of this year.
There is a great deal of millennium madness and it is going to be
interesting to see what kind of cults and extremist groups will use
this as an opportunity to do their damage.

There has been a great desire on the part of people for many
centuries now that there might be peace on the earth. The desire
for a reign of peace. The New Age movement talks about it and
they talk in terms of an age of Aquarius. Others talk about it and
they say--visualize peace. As if you could create reality by thinking
about it. So, there is a desire for peace and people have organized
for peace and there have been efforts to try to bring about peace,
but all of them have been unsuccessful.

First Thessalonians 5:23 says that God is the very God of peace.
Isaiah 9:6 says that the Lord Jesus is the Prince of Peace. The
reason there has never been peace on this earth is because the
Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ has not returned. There will
be no peace on the earth until Jesus returns again. There can be
no peace in ...

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