by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 24:21-22
Jerry Vines

I'm in a series of study on Sunday mornings which I have
called The Last Countdown. I'm looking at what the Bible says
about the end-time as we approach the end of this millennium and
if Jesus tarries His coming, the beginning of a new millennium.

On November 7, in your Sunday School class you will
receive a beautiful multi-color layout chart of the end-time matters
that will help you as we study these kinds of things together. And it
will help you as you study your Bible in studying Bible prophecy.
So, be in Sunday School that Sunday and get this beautiful,
beautiful handout of the end-time prophecies.

I wonder if you have experienced any kind of trouble this
week. Dr. Lindsay and I were talking this morning before we came
in and he told me about some of the troubles he has had over at his
house. Number one, his garage door quit working and he couldn't
get that going. Number two, a pan at the bottom of one of the
showers has gone bad and he's trying to get that fixed. Number
three, he has had some problems in the conversation room. The
wallpaper is coming apart from the wall. So, he's had some
troubles. He told me about some other troubles. Have you had
some troubles this week? Did your car break down? Did your
battery go dead? Did you stall on one of the bridges around here?
Have you had trouble? Did you have trouble with one of your kids
this week? They came home from school telling one story and the
teacher is telling another story and you really don't know who to
believe. Have you had any kind of trouble this week?

Job put it t his way. Man that is born of a woman is of few
days and few of trouble (Job 14:1). He is saying we are all in the
same boat--too few days--too many troubles. The Bible says that
one of these days, for those of us who know Christ as our Savior,
the Lord is going to come to catch us up and ...

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