by Jerry Vines

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John 14:1-3
Jerry Vines

I would encourage you to underline four words in the third
verse. The Lord Jesus, in that verse says, I will come again. In
those four words we have the promise of the return of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Jesus came the first time 2,000 years ago. He
gathered His disciples around Him. He went to the cross, died on
the cross for our sins, was buried, rose again, and He promised to
them, I will come again. It is this promise which has motivated
God's people throughout the generations. It is this promise which
has filled the hearts of God's people with a sense of anticipation
and exhilaration since the Lord came the first time. Jesus said, I
will come again.

Someone said that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is the
one climatic event toward which all of creation moves. If I
understand the Bible correctly we are living today in what is known
as the Age of Grace. It is the final day in terms of God's dealing
with people on the opportunity of salvation by grace through faith in
the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also, if I understand it correctly, what is
known as the Church Age. That is, during this age, God is working
through His church to bring people to Himself and prepare them for
His coming again. I will come again. That is the promise of the
Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The return of our Lord seems to be in two stages. There is
first of all what we refer to as the coming again of the Lord Jesus in
the air for His saints and the word we use to describe this is the
word, rapture.

Two ladies were talking about the rapture in a hospital room
one day. I walked in and one of the ladies said to me, "Oh, come
on in preacher, we're having a wonderful time talking about the
rupture of the church." Unfortunately that is true in many places.
But the word you want to get in your mind is the word, rapture.

Look at the rest of verse 3. It says ...

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