by Jerry Vines

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The Last Generation
Matthew 24:3-14
Jerry Vines

We are living at the end of one millennium. We are having
an experience which few people in the history of the world have
had. We are living at the close of one millennium and moving into a
new millennium if Jesus tarries His coming. Always at the
conclusion of one millennium and the beginning of another there is
what is called Millennium Madness. There becomes this frenzy of
activity as people begin to think in terms--is this going to be the end
of the world? Of course, we are experiencing some of that now and
will experience even more before the conclusion of this year. A lot
of books have been and are being written about it. Probably many
of you have read the books of Tim LaHay. I've know Dr. LaHay for
a long time and he has written some books which have absolutely
captured the interest of this nation. You can hardly get on an
airplane or hardly go anywhere, or walk into a bookstore without
seeing displayed the books of Tim LaHay that deal specifically with
the end of the age.

There are some who are predicting that this is the last era--
that there will not be a 21st century. In 1988 a man wrote a book
entitled, Eighty-eight Reasons Why Jesus is going to Return in
1988. It turns out he was wrong 88 times. In 1994 a man also
predicted that Jesus Christ was going to return in 1994. That's
been almost six years ago. Turns out he was wrong, also. But
there are some things that have caused us to really wonder if
indeed we are on the very precipice of the end of an age.

I would like to just point to you a prophecy in Daniel 12:4. I
think this is one of the most exciting and interesting and
enlightening prophecies in all of the Bible about the end time and
the last days. God had revealed to Daniel many fascinating and
interesting things about the last times. Then, the Lord said this to
Daniel, "But thou, o Daniel, shut up the wo ...

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