by Jerry Vines

Luke 19:11-28
Jerry Vines

Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to this earth and died
on the cross for our sins. Then He rose again and went back to
heaven. Before Jesus went back to heaven, He promised His
disciples, and promised you and me, that one day He was going to
return again. Jesus is a man of honor. Jesus will do what He has
promised to do.

I heard about a little boy one time who was waiting for his
father. A storm had come up and he was at school and the father
was coming to get him. All of the other children's fathers had come
for them except this little boy's. Yet, the little boy was not alarmed.
It was getting dark but he seemed to be rather cheerful about it.
The teacher said to the little boy, "Son, are you sure? Do you think
maybe we need to make arrangements for someone else to take
you home?" The little boy said, "Oh, no, my dad will be here."
"How do you know your dad will be here?" He said, "My dad said
he would come and my dad always keeps his promises."

Jesus Christ said He was going to come again and Jesus
always keeps His promises. The questions is -- what are we to do
between the first coming and the second coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ? What is our business to be? What is to occupy our time
and our efforts and our thoughts until the Lord Jesus Christ comes

This is why Jesus told the story that I'm going to share with
you this morning about the faithful investors. I think it might be
helpful also if you will notice the context in which Jesus told the
story. In verse 11 it says that Jesus told this story because they
thought that the kingdom of God should immediately appear. They
thought that the end of the age had come. They thought that the
time that God would establish His kingdom on this earth was
immediately going to happen. Of course we know that it didn't do
that. We know that it's been two thousand ye ...

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