by Jerry Vines

Luke 16:1-11
Jerry Vines

No one could tell a story like the Lord Jesus Christ. Many
times He would illustrate the things He was trying to convey to
people by the stories He would tell and we call those stories
parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.
Jesus would tell a story about things familiar to the people and
then, once having gotten their attention, He would teach spiritual
truth on the basis of that story. Some of the great stories of Jesus
are in the Gospel of Luke. Some of the greatest of them all are in
the 15th chapter of Luke. That's the chapter that tells us those
stories about lost things.

Keep in mind to whom Jesus is telling the stories about the
lost things. Back in the 15th chapter the Bible says in verse 3 that
He spake this parable unto them. It's referring to the Pharisees and
the Scribes. The Pharisees and the Scribes were all out of joint
with Jesus because He was spending time with sinners. So, in
response to that the Lord Jesus told the parables about the lost
things and I have a feeling that when Jesus got to the part of the
story about the elder brother who was upset when the prodigal son
returned, that the disciples got all excited and happy about it. I can
almost imagine that as Jesus is speaking to these Pharisees that
they are clapping and whistling and whooping it up and they are
saying, "Go get 'em, Lord. Let them have it, Lord. Sic 'em, Lord.
They really need to hear that." Then when you get to the 16th
chapter it says in verse 1, and Jesus said unto his disciples. Now
He begins to speak to his disciples and He tells them a story about
the use and abuse of money.

When a church talks about money it's a pretty good test of
people. It is always a good test of the church to see how a church
responds when you talk about financial things. It's really a pretty
good test for you personally how you resp ...

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