by Jerry Vines

Luke 14:16-24
Jerry Vines

Interestingly enough Jesus told a parable about people who
make excuses in Luke 14:16-24. In just a few minutes I'm going to
invite many of you to leave where you are sitting and come forward
to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. I do so
on good Bible authority. From the beginning of the Bible to the last
page of the Bible, God's Bible is a great invitation for people to
come to Jesus Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior of their
life. I also extend the invitation on the basis of the truth which I find
in this parable which the Lord Jesus told about those who were
invited to the great supper.

Now, Jesus compared salvation in this parable to a great
supper. I'm glad Jesus did that. Salvation is a feast, not a funeral.
A lot of people have the idea and I think Satan has put it in their
minds that when you come to know Christ, if you should become a
Christian, all of the fun and excitement of life is over. Some
Christians don't help matters a great deal. They walk around with a
tombstone under one arm and a coffin under the other and give the
people the idea that to come to Christ is the end of all of the fun of
life. But salvation is a banquet hall, not a concentration camp.

Jesus compared salvation to a great supper. I want to think
for a moment about a great supper or banquet you have ever
attended? I don't know what it may be but compared to the
salvation supper it's like watery soup at a rescue mission.

I think about some of the great banquets I have attended
and in comparison to what Jesus talks about here it's like bread
and water on a pauper's table. It's like cotton candy at a circus.
The Lord Jesus Christ has invited you to come to a great supper.

The good news about it is that you have been invited.
Everything you need has been provided for your life on the table of
God's great salvation. There w ...

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