by Jerry Vines

Be Ready! Jesus is Coming!
Luke 12:35-48
Jerry Vines

In 1977 I wrote this little book entitled I Shall Return...Jesus.
Recently the Petersons in our church have taken the book and
revised and updated it and made it a little bit more current for these
ending days of the 90s. One of our ladies recently took this book
and shared it with someone in North Carolina and this individual
took it to a factory up there. Seven people read this book and were
saved. That was really exciting to me to hear that this book is
being used of God to win people to Christ. Not because I wrote the
book, or what I had to say in it, but the truth of the return of the Lord
Jesus Christ is a tremendous incentive to cause people to want to
receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and as their Savior.
The coming of the Lord. Be ready for the return of the Lord Jesus

The reason I chose that title, I Shall Return...Jesus, is
because of an illustration taken from American Military history. You
may remember that General Douglas MacArthur went to the
Philippines and, leaving, sent word back to them, "I shall return."
Two years later, after he made that promise, he waded into the
water on the shores of the Philippines and said, "People of the
Philippines, I have returned." MacArthur made a promise and he
kept that promise.

When Jesus was here 2,000 years ago, frequently, the Lord
Jesus talked about the fact that he was going to come again.
Sometimes Jesus made promises that He was going to come
again. For instance in John 14:3 He said, I go to prepare a place
for you, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again
and receive you unto myself. Jesus made a promise and He
always keeps His promises.

I heard about a little boy who was waiting at a bus terminal
for his father to come. The hour was getting late and darkness was
falling all around the terminal. Everyone else had gone except ...

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