by Jerry Vines

Who Needs a Church?
Jerry Vines
Psalm 84

My purpose in this particular message is to encourage many of you who need a local church home to come forward in the invitation time and say, ''I would like for First Baptist Church of Jacksonville to be my church home.''

Who needs church? Why do I need a church and why is it important for me to affiliate myself with a local church?

There's a great deal of anti-church bias going around the country to day. There are some people who say, ''Well, Jesus is fine. Christianity is alright, but I'm really not too interested in the church.''

There are inconsistencies in a church. I've been a pastor of Baptist church since I was an 18 year old boy. I started going to Baptist churches when I was first born. I'm aware of the inconsistencies of churches. Sometimes there is in some churches an alarming worldliness. Sometimes there is a disturbing liberalism. At times there is a stifling formalism. So, I aware of the inconsistencies of the church and yet I'm here to tell you that after all of these years, having gone to church all of my life, that everyone of us in this building need church. All of us need to be in a church.

I want to just clarify something at the very beginning and to you that when you study the New Testament you will find that the church is used in two different ways. When you are saved, when you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, according to the Bible you become a part at that time of the universal, invisible church. Every body who is saved is a part of that universal, invisible church. It is the body of Christ. It will congregate when the Lord Jesus returns in the air and every saved person will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. So, if you are saved you are a member of the universal, invisible church.

But when you read the New Testament you will also find that the New Testament talks about the local, visible church. Many of the letters in your New Testament are addressed to churches. Th ...

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