by Jerry Vines

John 3:1-15
Jerry Vines

I want us to imagine that you and I are a congregation of two. Imagine that I’m
sitting right next to you and you are all by yourself. Take this message as if I were sitting
and talking one on one with you. I have a question I want to ask you and then I have a
statement I want to make.
My question I want to ask, individually, is this—have you been twice born? For
some of you, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For others of you this is a
question that would puzzle you a great deal. But my question to you, just you and I
talking one on one, is -have you been twice born?
Now, I have a statement I want to make to you. It’s not an original statement with
me. I’ve heard it for many, many years. If you have been born only one time you will
die twice. But if you have been born two times you will die only once. I’ll come back to
that statement later.
For many of you this is familiar territory. You have been going to church where
the Bible is preached for a period of time and you know that I am moving in the area of
what it means to be twice born, or the meaning of the new birth, or what Jesus meant by
the statement “born again.” It is Jesus who originated the statement. It is from the lips of
our Lord that we get this statement “born again.” I’m going to talk today about this
particular statement.
There’s a great deal of misunderstanding about what it means to be born again or
the new birth or to be twice born. I remember talking to an individual some time ago and
I said to him, “Are you a Christian?” He said, “Yes, I’m a Christian, but I’m not one of
those born again Christian.” I tried to explain to him that there is only one kind of
Christian and if you are a Christian, indeed, you are a born again Christian.
Occasionally, I have had the opportunity to witness to people and to talk to them
about salvation. I ask them, “Are you a Christian? Do you ...

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