by Jerry Vines

I Samuel 26:17-21
Jerry Vines

Saul says in this 21st verse, Behold, I have played the fool. Saul made this
statement at the height of his sin and folly. You are familiar probably with the
background - how that King Saul became jealous of the designated successor, young
David, and sought to destroy him. His jealousy consumed his life. because of his
jealousy he pursued David and for about ten years tried to take the life of the young man,
David came to a time when Saul was asleep and he had within his power to take
the life of King Saul. In fact, some of his officials and some of his military men around
him suggested that would be the thing for him to do—just go in and snuff out his life.
yet, David understood that he was not to touch God’s anointed and refused to do it. Now,
in a dialog between the two, David points out to Saul that he had his life in his hands.
Now, Saul comes to see what he has done and Saul makes a statement about himself and
he says, “I have played the fool.”
Sometimes we come to those points in life where we say, “I’ve been a foolish
person, I have played the fool.” He’s very careful in the Bible about this use of the word,
fool. In fact, the Lord Jesus said that you and I are not to call anybody a fool. In
Matthew 5:22 the Lord Jesus said, whosoever shall say thy fool, shall be in danger of hell
fire. So you and I are not to use this terminology of individuals. Yet, when we read the
Bible we discover that God, on several occasions, puts this label of fool and attaches it to
an individual.
I want to talk with you this morning about some of the fools of Jacksonville.
There are three in mind that I want to talk about. I hope before the service is over if you
have played the fool like Saul did in some of these categories, that you will make a life-
changing decision and will become a wise person, indeed.
A number of years ago I h ...

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