by Jerry Vines

James 5:19-20
Jerry Vines

These are the closing words from the pen of James, the half-brother of our Lord.
This one who has spoken to us so profoundly in this letter on the believing side of the
faith. Paul, for the most part, talks about the believing side of the faith. Now, James is
really talking about the behaving side of the faith. He’s the practical, down-to-earth,
where life is really lived writer in the New Testament. So, we raise the question—what
will be the closing words of James? What will be the words that he wants to leave on our
hearts as we turn the final page to the little letter which the Holy Spirit has inspired
through him. He’s been talking about some tremendous matters. He’s been talking about
supernatural answers to prayer. He’s been talking about the healing of the body in these
closing words. What will be the final subject of James? What is it that he will seek to
lay on our hearts? He’s talked about the healing for the body. Now, he’s going to talk
about something more important. He’s going to talk about the healing of the soul. It’s
wonderful when God does a miracle in the body, but it’s even more wonderful when God
does a miracle in the human soul. Sometimes we lose our sense of values. We get so
caught up in the material and the physical and the bodily that we fail to understand that
the primary matters that God deals with us in our lives are the spiritual matters. These
are the things that ultimately count. These old bodies will waste away and die and we’ll
get a resurrection body one of these days. But our soul is eternal. So, when we apply
ourselves to soulwork we are talking about eternal work. James here lays upon our hearts
the responsibility which is ours to be concerned about the spiritual condition of people.
In the Old Testament the question was asked, Am I my brother’s keeper? The
answer to that question is ...

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