by Robert Dawson

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Hebrews - God Has Spoken in Christ (1 of 29)
Series: Hebrews
Robert Dawson
Hebrews 1:1-3

Linda, a first grade teacher, tells this story about an interaction she had with one of her students on the first day of school. Accustomed to going home at noon in kindergarten, Ryan was getting his things ready to leave for home when he was actually supposed to be heading to lunch with the rest of the class. Linda asked him what he was doing. ''I'm going home,'' he replied. Linda tried to explain that, now that he is in the first grade, he would have a longer school day. ''You'll go eat lunch now,'' she said, ''and then you'll come back to the room and do some more work before you go home.'' Ryan looked up at her in disbelief, hoping she was kidding. Convinced of her seriousness, Ryan then put his hands on his hips and demanded, ''Who on earth signed me up for this program?''

We have all asked that question at some point in our lives. The expectations we have for our lives don't always match the reality that is our lives. When the two don't match we can experience extreme disappointment, becomes disillusioned and frustrated. We have experienced this when...

1. We have started something new and were initially excited about the potential outcome and benefits but then we realize it is a lot more difficult than we ever imagined and want to give up. (Diet and exercise)
2. We volunteer for a new position or start a new project only to find out the time and money required are much more than we originally anticipated and because of that we become frustrated and lose our joy.
3. We decide to go back to school and finish your degree or get another degree and it is harder than you thought - the nights are longer than you hoped and it created more stress than you really needed.
4. Marriage - Have children --- there is a point where expectations meet reality and expectations prove to be fairy tales blown away by realities harsh winds.

When these types of things happen ...

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