by Jerry Vines

The God-Breathed Book
Part 2
II Timothy 3:16
Jerry Vines

This is the phrase we are considering, all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.
A more literal translation would be—all Scripture is God-breathed.
That little phrase sets before us the inspiration of the Bible—the Good Book. The
Good Book, the Best Book, the Greatest Book, the Only Book. We are told that this
Book—the Bible is God-breathed. We are finding three main areas of thought in this
little phrase, starting at the end of the phrase and moving forward—all Scripture is God-
breathed. That sets before us the supernatural inspiration of the Bible. It is only about
the Bible that it can be said, “This is a God-breathed book.” God breathed into this book.
God used human authors. II Peter 1:21 says, holy (specially set apart men of God) spake
as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. The word, moved, there carries the beautiful
picture of a sailing vessel being blown along by a gentle breeze or wind.
This verse sets before us the supernatural inspiration of the Bible. All Scripture is
God-breathed. The middle word, there, scripture, sets before the verbal inspiration of
the Bible. We’ll continue that thought in a moment.
The first word, all, sets before us the total inspiration of the Bible. ALL scripture
is God-breathed. Supernatural inspiration—God breathed. Verbal inspiration—all
Scripture. The word, Scripture, obviously is making reference to the words. we have
talked about the concept of verbal inspiration and how that God communicates to us
through the words of Scripture. Words are vehicles of communication. We
communicate to one another by means of words. when I use words I communicate to
your mind and heart what is in my mind and heart. We are told specifically that the
Bible—the Good Book, the Scripture—is the literal Word of God. In the Old Testament
you will find phrases like this: God said, thus saith the Lord ...

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