by Jerry Vines

The God-Breathed Book
II Timothy 3:16
Part 1
Jerry Vines

These are the words of the great Apostle Paul writing to the young man, Timothy.
He is the young Christian and also the preacher. He is laying on the heart of young
Timothy, the preacher-boy the importance of the Bible which he is to proclaim. Down in
Chapter 4, verse 2 he gives the clear-cut command to young Timothy—preach the word.
Every man of God is called to preach the Word—to be a preacher of the Bible, the Book.
Paul has already referred to the Scripture in verse 15 by the phrase, the Holy Scriptures.
He’s talking about the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God.
I told you last week that when I was a boy some of the older people referred to the
Bible as the Good Book. That’s not a bad designation if you understand that the Good
Book is also the Best Book and the Good Book is the greatest book.
We are talking about this Bible. The Bible is an amazing book. That book you
hold in your hand this evening is indeed an amazing book. It has one author and yet it
has 40 authors. It has people from every walk of life who were involved in the writing of
the Bible. Shepherds, kings, fishermen, and farmers. It has 66 books in it and yet it is
one book. It was written by these 40 authors over a period of 1600 years on 2 continents
in 3 different languages. Yet, it is still just one Book. It is a book which has one
systematic doctrine and it is a book which has one central personality. All of the Bible
revolves around the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament you could
summarize its message by this statement, “He is coming.” The Old Testament was
saying that Jesus is coming. The Savior is coming. The New Testament you could
summarize by the statement, “He has come. He is here.”
So, the Bible has one system of doctrine and it also has one central personality.
The Apostle Paul in verse 15 reminded young Timothy that ...

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