by Jerry Vines

Psalm 126:6
Jerry Vines

Seventeen years ago I took this same Bible (about 3 covers since that time) and I
asked you to turn in your Bible as I turned in my Bible to Psalm 126. We have folks in
our church who mark down the date around the text for the preachers. So, when you
preach on something you’ve preached on before, they always come up and say, “Yea,
you preached that 1984 and 1992.” You probably have several dates around this one
because periodically I like to go back to this one and read it again and set forth again the
basic principles which I began with you seventeen years ago. Seventeen years ago it was
on July 4th and we had a tremendous July 4th service that afternoon just as we are going to
this evening also. These have been seventeen wonderful years. It’s been a thrill and a
pleasure to see the work of the Lord in what I believe is the greatest church on God’s
earth. And the greatest people. No people like you people. You indeed are the greatest.
To have the privilege Janet and I have had, and our family, of being here and being with
Dr. Lindsay and Mrs. Lindsay who have been our friends for a long, long time, ha been
wonderful. It will take eternity to really unfold all that is in my heart as I think about
these wonderful years together.
Have you thought about the fact that we are observing July 4th today for the last
time in this century? As we approach the new millennium we are thinking about pictures
of America, and they provide for us a study in contrast. There are some bright pictures in
America on this July 4th. I think about the economic forecast. It is certainly brighter than
I can recall in many, many years. We are talking now in terms of a surplus and the first
time I heard discussion of it there is actually now talk concerning that we may be able to
pay our national debt off. We do know that, hopefully, we are going to be able to provide
that Socia ...

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