by Jerry Vines

Nothing but Leaves
Jerry Vines
Matthew 21:17-32

With the beginning of Matthew 21 and going on into the final chapters of Matthew's Gospel, we have the final days in the life of our Lord. He has come to Jerusalem because it is the plan and purpose of the heavenly Father that there He be betrayed, there He be tried and there He die. So, the Lord Jesus Christ is on the Calvary trail. He is on His way, going to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world. As we follow through in these days we will see our Lord as He is
moving in that direction.

The Lord Jesus is evidently going back and forth from Jerusalem out to the little village of Bethany. I have a feeling that probably Jesus would spend the night in Bethany with Mary and Martha and Lazarus. That very, very special home--those wonderful people who loved and supported Him and who gave Him a place of solace and refuge. So, at night Jesus would go out to the little village of Bethany and then in the day He would go back.

In the previous message I brought in Matthew 21 we saw the Lord Jesus going to Jerusalem, into the Temple, and cleanse the temple of the money changers. Now Jesus has returned to Bethany. He has spent the night and in the morning He is going back again to Jerusalem for He will teach in the Temple this day. The rising tide of hostility is before Him. They have decided that whatever is necessary they are going to get Jesus Christ. They have made up their minds He is too dangerous, so they are going to kill the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we move along in that atmosphere there is a series of lessons which I believe God has for us in these verses. First of all, there is a lesson on reality. In the experience of our Savior, cursing the fig tree, Jesus teaches a very important lesson on reality.

I. Jesus Gives a Lesson on REALITY.

The Scripture says it was in the morning, in verse 18. As he went into the city He was hungry. Evidently the Lord Jesus Christ had spent early morning hour ...

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