by Jerry Vines

Living Like A King (2)
Matthew 5:1-12
Jerry Vines

We are considering together the greatest sermon ever preached by the greatest preacher who ever lived. I refer, of course to the Sermon on the Mount and I'm referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, Jesus had an advantage over preachers such as myself because Jesus was the Son of God. I am a Son of God. Jesus was come down from heaven. I have received Jesus as my Savior, I'm going up to heaven. Jesus never had to study to find, to look or to search for a text of Scripture.

I remember very well when I had my first church. I was called to preach at age 16. By the way, I was a Minister of Music before I was a pastor. I always tell these guys that so they will know that I do know something about music. At age 18 I had my first church. I started off with the First Baptist Church at Central Hatchee, Georgia. All of you have probably spent a vacation there. If you haven't you are planning one for this summer.

I was an 18 year old boy, pastoring this church. I had four sermons to my name. So, at the end of a month of Sundays, I had preached all my sermons-everything I had. I distinctly remember on a Saturday night ( I was still unmarried, living at home), getting in my bedroom with my Bible and the one book I had-George W. Truitt's book, A Quest for Souls. I remember getting my Bible out that Saturday night and I started looking for a sermon. I started looking for a Scripture to preach on. If you have never had that experience you haven't lived. If you don't have a Scripture to preach on and
you're trying to find one-that is some more experience.

I started in the book of Genesis, looking for a verse where I could get at least one sermon. I started flipping. I flipped all the way through Genesis. I didn't find one. I flipped all the way through Exodus. I went all the way through the historical books, all the way through Psalms. I flipped all the way through the prophets. I came to the New Testament. I st ...

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