by Jerry Vines

John John and Jesus.
Mark 10:17-22
Jerry Vines

On Friday night, July 16, John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn, and his sister-in-
law, Laren, boarded a Piper Saratoga 32 in New Jersey to make a flight to Hyannis Port.
They were to attend the wedding of one of his first cousins, Rory Kennedy, on Saturday.
They made their journey. They were 17 minutes away from Martha’s Vineyard when
according to the report something dramatic happened to the plane. There were at least
two sharp turns and then the plan went into what they called a graveyard spiral. They say
that the plane must have hit the water at a speed somewhere between 150-200 miles per
hours. Of course, at that speed the water was just like concrete. So, for several days the
attention of the nation was riveted upon a search for the remains of the plane and also for
the people on the plane. They found the bodies on Wednesday and confirmed the worse
fears of all of us that they did not survive the crash. So, on Thursday there was a private
burial service. The ashes of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife were committed to the sea.
Then on Friday and also Saturday there were memorial services.

It is another chapter in the sad, ongoing tragedy of the Kennedy family. Our
hearts go out for them. Regardless of celebrity, regardless of what person wealth any
group of people might have, any time loved ones are lost and tragedies occur, their hearts
hurt just like your hearts hurt and just like anyone’s heart hurts.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. endeared himself to the American people when he was just a
little thing and he was called John John. He seemed to have been the apple of the eye of
his father who was the president at that time John F. Kennedy. Then, of course, we
remember when President Kennedy was assassinated as the little three-year-old John
John stood before the grave of his assassinated father and saluted, it just kind of caused
the hearts ...

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