by Jerry Vines

Matthew 14:22-33
Jerry Vines

Would you like to walk on water? Well, I’m going to talk about how to walk on
water. If you will listen very carefully, I’ll tell you just exactly how to do it. I’ll tell you,
proof positive, how you can actually walk on water.
This is one of the miracles recorded in the Gospel of Matthew performed by our
Lord Jesus Christ. When you put all of the Gospel accounts together you discover that
there are approximately 35 recorded miracles of our Lord given to us in the New
Testament. A miracle is a supernatural intervention of God into the natural course of
things. When Jesus performed miracles it was God doing what He chooses to do with
His own universe. Several of the miracles of Jesus took place in and around the sea of
Galilee. Do you remember the time that Jesus got on the boat of Simon Peter and
preached a sermon and afterwards Jesus said to him, “Let down your nets for a catch of
Well, they had been fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything. Yet, the Lord
Jesus said, “Put down the net for a catch of fish.” The word got out all over Galilee that
the master of the sea needed some fish. So, the fish began to come from all corners of the
lake. They came from Brim Boulevard and Catfish Corner. They came from Lobster
Lane. They came down the salty super slaps and the fishy four-lanes and they had a
traffic jam in Galilee because every fish in the sea wanted to get in that net. On that
occasion they learned that Jesus is not only Landlord, He is also Sealord.
Do you remember the time that Jesus was on the ship asleep and the Bible says
the storm came up in the sea. The Bible teaches us that the winds and the waves began to
toss and the disciples were absolutely scared to death. They rushed down to where Jesus
was and shook the Lord and said to Him, “Master, carest thou not that we perish?” I
guess all of us have wondered that somet ...

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