by Jerry Vines

James 5:14-16a
Jerry Vines

We are going to talk about healing and the church and I want to take our time and
look at this passage as closely and carefully as we possibly can. Almost word for word,
phrase by phrase. There’s a real message here. God has something for every person in
this building in these verses of Scripture. If you have never raised the questions which
are raised in these verses, I will assure you that you will raise these questions at some
point in time if you live long enough.
When the Lord Jesus was in His earthly body during His ministry on the earth, He
went about meeting the needs of people. The Lord Jesus saw hurting and heart-broken
people. He saw sick and He saw sorrowful people. The Bible says that the Lord Jesus
was moved with compassion upon them. The miracles which He performed in the realm
of physical healing illustrate to us that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Savior of the
world. But also it is an indication to us of the compassionate heart of our Lord. Our
Lord had a heart that moved in the direction of the needs of people. He had a heart that
was tender. He had a heart that was people oriented. So, when the Lord was on this earth
in His physical body He attended to the needs of people. The Bible says the Lord Jesus
came teaching and He came preaching and He came healing.
Now, Jesus Christ, having died on the cross, buried, raised from the dead, and
ascended back to heaven has been gone from the earth for 2,000 years. But according to
the teachings of the Bible the Lord continues His ministry on the earth no longer in a
physical body, but now in a spiritual body. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the
spiritual body of the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. So, the spiritual body of the Lord,
the church of the Lord Jesus, is interested in the things Jesus was interested in and is
concerned about carrying out the ministry that Je ...

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