by Jerry Vines

James 5:7-12
Jerry Vines

The Bible teaches as the return of the Lord Jesus Christ draws near that the days
will be days of difficulty and times of trouble. In II Timothy 3:1 the Bible says, but this
know also that in the last days perilous times shall come. The Bible predicts on the days
just before the return of the Lord that the world will be plunged into a midnight darkness.
The Bible also teaches that Christians in particular will experience very difficult times
just before the Lord comes. Those believers who are blessed to be in the latter days
before the Lord returns will be Christians who will experience unusual circumstances.
There will be special temptations for believers in the end times. We’ve always had the
temptations of the world, the flesh, the devil, but there will be a new level of intensity in
the temptations that Christians will experience in the days before Jesus returns again.
I think the Bible also indicates that there will be special pressures on God’s
children in the end times. The pressure to give into the moral climate around will be
tremendous on believers. The Bible makes it very clear that God wants Christians to
change the days in which they live, but the pressure will be for Christians not to change
the times, but to be changed by the times themselves. Rather than being thermostats
changing the temperature, they will have a tendency to become thermometers registering
the temperature of the times. So, there will be those special pressures and it will be very
easy for Christians to succumb.
It will be a time when it will be easy for churches to succumb also. One of the
things that we witness today with great sorrow is how churches one after the other falling
like flies, caving in to the modern culture. Caving in to the tendency to apostate and turn
away from the faithfulness to the Word of God which we desire and which ought to be.
In the Laodicea ...

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