by Jerry Vines

A Lot Like Lot: A Father's Day Sermon
Jerry Vines
Genesis 19:30-32

This is Father's Day and I want to bring a message which I pray will be a challenge and encouragement and a warning to all of us who are fathers.

I suppose one of the primary social problems in America today is the problem of the absentee father. I do know that it is a key contributor to the moral and spiritual meltdown we are experiencing in America. We have moved all the way from Father Knows Best to Where is Father. Forty percent of the boys and girls in America are now living in a home where the biological father is absent.

I heard about a mother who bought her four-year-old son a little dog. He named the dog Laddie. After a few weeks it became very apparent that Laddie was beyond managing. So, she knew she had to do something. One morning she said to her son, ''Son, we've had to send Laddie away.'' Much to her surprise he said, ''Well, that's all right, Mom, don't worry about it.'' Later that afternoon the little boy came in crying and saying to his Mama, ''Mama, where's Laddie?'' she said, ''Well, Son, I told you this morning that we sent Laddie away and you didn't seem to be so concerned.'' He said, ''Oh, Laddie. I thought you said Daddy.''

That joke has a little kick to it, doesn't it. It is hard for people to miss that which they have never had. So, we have a problem in America of the absent father. Some fathers, though they may live within the walls of the house, are still absent and wonder where they are. Well, they are at the ballgames, on the golf courses, on the job, with a trophy wife somewhere and a lot of boys and girls experience the physical absence of their father.

Some experience the emotional absence of their father. I t takes a great deal more than fathering a child to be a father to a child. Being a father involves not only biological matters, but it involves also spiritual matters.

Then the great concern I have is what I would call the father who is an ...

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